What is another word for exegesis?

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Exegesis is a term that refers to the interpretation or explanation of a text, especially a scripture or a holy book. Synonyms for this word include analysis, interpretation, elucidation, and explanation. These words are often used in the context of studying religious texts, but they can also be applied to any type of literature or writing. Other synonyms for exegesis include exposition, commentary, explication, and disquisition. Regardless of which term is used, the goal of exegesis is to deepen our understanding of a text by exploring its meaning and significance in greater detail.

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How to use "Exegesis" in context?

The word "exegetical" comes from the Greek word exegein, which means to interpret. So, exegesis is the process of interpreting Scripture. But what does that mean in practice? Exegesis can be divided into two parts: hermeneutics and theology. Hermeneutics concerns the methods we use tointerpret biblical texts. We must consider what the text says in context, what linguistic features are used, and other clues to determine meaning. Theology concerns the bigger questions the text raises about God and his world. In other words, we must ask what the text is teaching about God as a whole.

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