What is another word for exhilaration?

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Exhilaration is an intense feeling of joy and excitement that often accompanies an achievement or an experience. Synonyms for exhilaration are numerous, each describing a slightly different aspect of this feeling. Some similar terms include elation, ecstasy, euphoria, exuberance, thrill, and excitement. Elation is a sense of happiness and joy; ecstasy is an extreme form of elation that feels almost other-worldly; euphoria is a sense of intense pleasure and wellbeing; exuberance is an unrestrained expression of joy; thrill is a sudden feeling of excitement; and excitement is a general feeling of happiness and anticipation. Whatever the word used, exhilaration is always a powerful and unforgettable emotion.

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    The word "exhilaration" means feeling great pleasure or excitement. When you experience exhilaration, it feels like the most exciting thing in the world. Sometimes, exhilaration can be caused by doing something that is challenging or dangerous. Exhilaration can also come from being around people who are friendly and happy. Whatever the cause, when you feel exhilaration, you know that you're really enjoying yourself.

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