What is another word for exhortation?

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Exhortation is a word that means to urge someone strongly to do something or to give an encouraging speech. Sometimes we may want to use other words that have a similar meaning to exhortation. One of those is encouragement - this word is often used to refer to support or motivation that you give to someone who needs it. Another word that can be used instead of exhortation is admonition. This word means to warn someone about something, or to remind them about their duties. Lastly, persuasion is another synonym for exhortation. Persuasion refers to the act of trying to convince someone to do something, often in a forceful or assertive way.

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How to use "Exhortation" in context?

The word "exhortation" is a noun and means urging someone to do something. It is usually used in a religious context, to encourage someone to repent and believe in God. In general, exhortation is a tool used to help people change their behavior or to improve their attitude.

Exhorting someone can be a difficult task. It requires sincerity and a sense of compassion. Ideally, exhortation should be directed not just at the individual being exhorted, but also at those around them. By doing this, we can create a ripple effect that can effectively influence others.

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