What is another word for exploited?

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Exploited is a term that denotes the act of manipulating or taking advantage of something or someone for personal gain. There are several synonyms for this word, each with its unique shade of meaning, including abused, misused, leveraged, utilized, and milked. Abused implies that something has been used inappropriately, while misused refers to using something in a way other than intended. Leveraged implies using something to achieve a specific outcome, while utilized refers to making full use of something. Finally, milked suggests exploiting something for as much benefit as possible. Using the right synonym can help to convey a more precise meaning when discussing exploitation.

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    Exploited is an Oxford English Dictionary word meaning "to make use of for one's own advantage or profit". It derives from the Latin exploitare, which means to let out or set free. Exploitation can take place in a number of ways: through physical or sexual abuse, through being forced to work long hours without pay, or through being denied basic rights. In all cases, it is undertaken by those in positions of power over somebody else, with the intention of extracting more than they are worth.

    The term exploitation has often been used to describe situations where people are unfairly treated at work.

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