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External implies something that is outside or beyond a given entity or system. For example, alternative words that could be used in place of external include exterior, extrinsic, alien, or foreign. These words can be used to describe things that are outside of a particular organization, such as an external auditor or external stakeholder. Additionally, external can also be used to describe physical qualities, such as external temperature or external appearance. Similar synonyms for external can include outdoor, outside, peripheral, or remote. In general, synonyms for external reflect the idea of something that is separate or removed from a central entity, and may be used to describe everything from physical objects to abstract concepts.

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and "internal"

external and internal are two terms that are often used in day-to-day conversation, but what do they actually mean? "External" refers to the environment or how something is seen from the outside. For example, a tree is external because it is seen from the outside. "Internal" refers to how something is experienced or perceived. For example, the private thoughts of a person are internal.

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