What is another word for externals?

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Synonyms for the word "externals" refer to things outside of someone or something, such as physical features, appearances, and tangible objects. Some synonyms for externals include outer, surface, appearance, visible, superficial, outside, and externalities. These words are commonly used to describe various elements of our environment and help in comprehending the world outside of ourselves. For instance, we would use "externalities" to describe external forces that impact businesses, while "surface" and "superficial" describe the visible appearance and qualities of an object. Therefore, these synonyms for "externals" help us to better understand the outer appearance and characteristics of an object or person.

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    How to use "Externals" in context?

    Externalities are important to consider when making decisions. Externalities can happen when a decision affects someone else who is not directly involved in the decision. Externalities can also occur when one party affects the environment in which someone else operates. Externalities are often difficult to measure, which can lead to inefficient decisions.

    When companies produce pollutants, they create harmful externalities. Polluting factories often release poisons into the air and water, which can harm both people and wildlife. This harm can extend beyond the company's property, as environmental destruction can lead to displacement of people and destruction of valuable resources.

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