What is another word for extracurricular?

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Extracurricular is a word often used to describe activities or pursuits that are outside of one's regular curriculum or course syllabus. However, there are many other terms that can be used to convey a similar meaning. These include co-curricular, supplemental, supplementary, non-academic, non-curricular, non-scholastic, and extramural. Each of these synonyms emphasizes a slightly different aspect of activities that take place outside of the regular academic schedule, but all indicate that the activity is a valuable and enriching addition to a student's overall educational experience. Whether it's sports, music, community service, or a specialized interest club, the benefits of participating in extracurricular activities are well-documented and can help to develop important life skills and competencies.

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    How to use "Extracurricular" in context?

    What is extracurricular?

    The Extracurricular program at school refers to any outside-of-class activity that students participate in for fun or to further their educational goals. These activities may include student organizations, sports, play groups, and art classes. Participation in extracurricular activities can give students a sense of community and make them feel more involved in their school career. Additionally, extracurricular activities can provide opportunities for students to learn new skills and work together cooperatively.

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