What is another word for extraterrestrial object?

Pronunciation: [ˌɛkstɹətəɹˈɛstɹɪəl ˈɒbd͡ʒɛkt] (IPA)

An extraterrestrial object refers to any kind of object, material, or entity that originates from outside the planet Earth. There are various synonyms for the term extraterrestrial object depending on the context in which the term is used. Alien object refers to something that has its origin outside of the Earth and is not natural to the planet. Cosmic objects refer to materials or entities that exist beyond the Earth's atmosphere, like stars, planets, or galaxies. Space debris is another synonym that refers to man-made objects like satellites, rocket stages that orbit the planet Earth, and exit the atmosphere. Another synonym for extraterrestrial object is celestial object, which refers to any natural object outside the Earth's atmosphere, including stars, planets, or asteroids.

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