What is another word for face the music?

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[ fˈe͡ɪs ðə mjˈuːzɪk], [ fˈe‍ɪs ðə mjˈuːzɪk], [ f_ˈeɪ_s ð_ə m_j_ˈuː_z_ɪ_k]

"Face the music" is an idiomatic expression used to describe a situation where an individual must confront the consequences of their actions, regardless of how unpleasant they may be. An alternative phrase that can be used instead is "bite the bullet," which means bravely facing a difficult or painful situation. Another synonym for "face the music" is "take the heat," alluding to the idea of enduring disapproval, criticism, or punishment for one's actions. Similarly, "own up" or "fess up" can be used to describe taking responsibility for one's mistakes or wrongdoings. Ultimately, the idea behind all of these phrases is that individuals must be willing to face the consequences of their actions, no matter how difficult it may be.

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