What is another word for factions?

Pronunciation: [fˈakʃənz] (IPA)

Factions are groups of individuals who share a common goal or interest in a particular issue. The term faction carries a negative connotation, implying that these groups are in conflict with one another. Synonyms for factions include groups, parties, sects, clans, and factions. Other terms that are used to describe these groups include associations, coalitions, organizations, and alliances. These words tend to have a more positive connotation and suggest that the groups are working together towards a common goal. Regardless of the term used, factions can be powerful agents for change and can have a significant impact on society.

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Usage examples for Factions

Here is to be the vast open ground where all nations may come and realize their highest possibilities, and consequently this nation must be held together and developed as a whole in all its resources, and not cut up into small, ineffective, quarrelsome factions.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
Now for all this work, involving as it does so large an amount of interference with the natural liberty of things, Wagner not unreasonably thinks that a strong Government is absolutely indispensable-a Government that knows its own mind, and has the power and the will to carry it out; a Government whose authority is established on the history and opinion of the nation, and stands high above all the contending political factions of the hour.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
This element embraces all factions of the new radicalism, no matter in what country or under what leader.
"Psycho-Phone Messages"
Francis Grierson

Famous quotes with Factions

  • Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring factions.
    Bertolt Brecht
  • Enclave life becomes very tense, Even when they do elect a leader, the factions remain, with the threat of splitting off.
    Mary Douglas
  • We tend to put poems into factions. And it restricts our reading.
    Thom Gunn
  • I now bid farewell to the country of my birth - of my passions - of my death; a country whose misfortunes have invoked my sympathies - whose factions I sought to quell - whose intelligence I prompted to a lofty aim - whose freedom has been my fatal dream.
    Thomas Francis Meagher
  • The most extreme individuals and factions in Islamic countries are now more motivated than ever to kill Americans, and the number of potential terrorists has greatly expanded.
    John Olver

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