What is another word for factual?

Pronunciation: [fˈakt͡ʃuːə͡l] (IPA)

Factual is an adjective that means something that is based on facts; it is known as the truth. There are many synonyms for the word factual, including authentic, accurate, truthful, precise, reliable, and genuine. These words are commonly used when discussing something that is not fictitious or imaginative, but instead is rooted in reality. Facts can be substantiated by various sources, be it scientific research, historical records, or individual testimonies. Synonyms for factual are often used in news reporting, educational writing, legal proceedings, and scholarly research, where truthfulness and accuracy are prized above all else.

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What are the opposite words for factual?

Factual means grounded in truth or reality. Therefore, its antonyms would be words that describe something that is not true or real. Some antonyms for factual include fiction, imaginary, false, fraudulent, conjectural, hypothetical, and spurious. These words indicate that something is not based on facts, but rather on imagination or falsehoods. For example, a work of fiction is not factual because it is made up, and a fraudulent claim is not factual because it is not true. It is important to distinguish between factual information and opinions or beliefs, which are subjective and open to interpretation.

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Usage examples for Factual

To be religious is to believe that a certain correlation of forces, moral and factual, is in reality operative, and that it determines the propriety and effectiveness of a certain type of living.
"The Approach to Philosophy"
Ralph Barton Perry
"It's factual stuff," said Sam, defensive but not wanting to go too far out on a limb.
John Holbrook Vance
He could not, of course, get any factual details in this way, nor did he expect to.
"Man of Many Minds"
E. Everett Evans

Famous quotes with Factual

  • Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.
    Ansel Adams
  • In the old days... it was a basic, cardinal fact that producers didn't have opinions. When I was producing natural history programmes, I didn't use them as vehicles for my own opinion. They were factual programmes.
    David Attenborough
  • There are not the same factual shows anymore - children's TV has become much more trivial.
    Johnny Ball
  • This was almost two hours of factual documentary. In our audience ratings, barely no one left the programme. The whole of his life is so fascinating and people kept watching for that reason.
    Martin Bashir
  • You should never rely on interviews with musicians as being factual. Most of them are mangled and even have made up stuff in them, that is to say, made up stuff by the writer or editor.
    Frank Black

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