What is another word for faineant?

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[ fˈe͡ɪniːnt], [ fˈe‍ɪniːnt], [ f_ˈeɪ_n_iː_n_t]

"Faineant" is a French word used to describe someone who is lazy, idle or indolent. It is not commonly used in English but there are many synonyms that convey the same meaning. Some of the most appropriate synonyms include "sluggish," "idle," "lethargic," "apathetic," "shiftless," "inactive," "listless," "unmotivated," "languid," "slothful," and "torpid." All these words describe someone who lacks energy, drive or enthusiasm. They are all perfect alternatives for "faineant" and can be used interchangeably to describe someone who displays a lack of initiative, ambition or work ethic.

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    How to use "Faineant" in context?

    The word "faineant" means "easily weary or bored," and is often used to describe someone who is apathetic or negligent. This word is often used to describe someone who is not interested in anything, or who is too lazy to do anything.

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