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Falconer is a term that refers to a person who trains and keeps falcons or other birds of prey. However, there are other words that can be used to describe this individual. One of the most common synonyms for falconer is "hawker," which is a term that encompasses anyone who trains and hunts with birds of prey. Another option is "austringer," which specifically describes a person who works with goshawks. Some other potential alternatives include "raptor trainer," "bird of prey handler," and "falconry enthusiast." These words all convey the same basic idea, but each can provide a slightly different and unique perspective on the craft of falconry.

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Falconry is a sport or hobby involving training birds of prey to hunt with the aid of ahandler. The practice can be found all over the world, but it is particularly attested in Europe and North America. Historically, falconry was used to hunt small game, such as rabbits, but is also used for controlled hunting of larger game, such as turkeys, deer and hares.

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