What is another word for fall into?

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[ fˈɔːl ˌɪntʊ], [ fˈɔːl ˌɪntʊ], [ f_ˈɔː_l ˌɪ_n_t_ʊ]

The phrase "fall into" refers to accidently entering or experiencing something unexpectedly. It can be replaced by synonyms like "stumble upon" which refers to finding something unintentionally, "encounter" which refers to meeting or facing something or someone, "come across" which means to discover accidentally, "get into" which means to engage in something voluntarily or involuntarily, "get caught up in" which refers to getting stuck in a situation or event involuntarily, "become involved in" which means to participate in something willingly, "find oneself in" which means to land in a situation unexpectedly, and "suffer" which means to experience a negative consequence. These synonyms can help add variety and interest to your writing while allowing you to convey the same meaning as "fall into".

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How to use "Fall into" in context?

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