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Falsified is a term that refers to something that has been altered or changed in a way that is not truthful. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of falsified, including fabricated, forged, counterfeited, misrepresented, distorted, and manipulated. These words all suggest that something has been changed or created in a way that is meant to deceive or mislead. Falsified documents, for example, can be created to make it appear as though something has happened when it has not, or to hide the true facts of a situation. By using synonyms for falsified, writers can add variety and depth to their language while conveying a similar meaning.

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    Falsified is a new album by experimental metal band Portal, which was released on September 1, 2019. The album was recorded at Monolith Studios in Portland, Maine and was produced by Harry Waters and Portal.

    The album consists of ten tracks, and lyrically, it is about the anxiety and paranoia that comes with being in a world that is constantly changing and fake. According to guitarist and vocalist David Kennedy, falsified is "the sound of a character who is constantly under attack, who is paranoid and constantly questioning the reality of their existence.

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