What is another word for falsifying?

Pronunciation: [fˈɒlsɪfˌa͡ɪɪŋ] (IPA)

The term falsifying refers to the act of forging or altering something with the intention of deceiving others. There are several synonyms for this term, including fabricating, distorting, manipulating, doctoring, counterfeiting, faking, and tampering. When someone falsifies information, they are intentionally misleading others through dishonest means. This can occur in a variety of contexts, including legal documents, academic work, financial records, and even personal relationships. Regardless of the situation, falsifying information is a breach of trust that can result in serious consequences. By understanding the synonyms for the term falsifying, we can better recognize and combat dishonest behavior in all aspects of our lives.

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Usage examples for Falsifying

It is severely logical, the most trivial of its adornments being subservient to, and suggested by, the dominant idea; any departure from whose dictates would be the "falsifying of a revelation."
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
It would have been perfectly proper to pass another resolution condemning or reversing the original one, and approving the course of the president; but it was in the highest degree improper to set about what was in form falsifying the record.
"Thomas Hart Benton"
Theodore Roosevelt
The merchant must bestir himself, if only about falsifying the weights and measures, else he dies of hunger.
"Stories and Pictures"
Isaac Loeb Peretz

Famous quotes with Falsifying

  • The final outcome cannot be known, either to the originator of a new theory, or to his colleagues and critics, who are bent on falsifying it. Thus, the scientific innovator may feel all the more lonely and uncertain.
    Peter D. Mitchell
  • I completely scorn the falsifying, the sanctimonious, the cheap and the shoddy.
    Ralph Thomas Walker
  • I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed. Inaction, no falsifying dream Between my hooked head and hooked feet: Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.
    Ted Hughes
  • There are particular movements in particular epochs in which the Divine Force manifests itself with supreme power shattering all human calculations, making a mock of the prudence of the careful statesman and the scheming politician, falsifying the prognostications of the scientific analyser and advancing with a vehemence and velocity which is obviously the manifestation of a higher than human force. The intellectual man afterwards tries to trace the reasons for the movement and lay bare the forces that made it possible, but at the time he is utterly at fault, his wisdom is falsified at every step and his science serves him not. These are the times when we say God is in the movement, He is its leader and it must fulfil itself however impossible it may be for man to see the means by which it will succeed.
    Sri Aurobindo

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