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The Family Bramidae is known as the pomfret fish and is a member of the Perciformes order. There are several synonyms used for this type of fish, such as Brama brama and Brama raii. It is a deep-sea fish found in cold waters and is highly prized as a food fish. Some other common names include Pacific pomfret, black pomfret, and silver pomfret. The pomfret fish is caught commercially and is popular in Asian cuisine, especially in China. It has a distinctive taste and texture and is considered a delicacy. The fish is also used in traditional medicine in some cultures. Overall, there are various names used to refer to this popular fish, but no matter what it is called, it remains a prized catch for many fishermen around the world.

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Family Bramidae is a small order of crustaceans, with 222 known species. They inhabit freshwater habitats, such as rivers, lakes and ponds. Nearly half of all bramidae species are of the genus Palaemon, and these are the most commonly seen species.

Bramidae are filter feeders, using their strong buccal cavity to strain food particles out of water. They feed on bacteria, parasites and small invertebrates. Maximum recorded body size is just over 0.5 cm.

The mating habits of bramidae are not well known, although it is likely that they are essentially sexual loner.

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