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[ fˈamɪli kˈɑːɹɪəfˌɪle͡ɪsˌiː], [ fˈamɪli kˈɑːɹɪəfˌɪle‍ɪsˌiː], [ f_ˈa_m_ɪ_l_i k_ˈɑː_ɹ_ɪ__ə_f_ˌɪ_l_eɪ_s_ˌiː]

Family Caryophyllaceae, commonly known as pink family, is a diverse group of flowering plants with over 2,000 species. The family includes a wide variety of plants with different sizes and shapes. Some common synonyms for this family include campion family, chickweed family, or carnation family. The family is named after the genus Caryophyllus, which includes the carnation. Other notable genera in this family include Stellaria, which includes the common chickweed, and Lychnis, which includes various species of campion. Though the family is commonly referred to as the pink family, it also includes plants with white and red flowers. Many species of this family are used ornamentally in gardens and landscapes due to their attractive blooms.

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The Caryophyllaceae are a family of plant species found in both temperate and tropical regions of the world. Some of the more common Caryophyllaceae species include the common dandelion, Queen Anne's lace, and wild carrot. These plants have a distinctive morphology and often possess aromatic oils and secondary metabolites that make them interesting study organisms.

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