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The Cruciferae family is a group of plants that are commonly known for their cross-shaped petals and pungent taste. This family includes some of the most popular vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. The term Cruciferae is often used interchangeably with Brassicaceae, which is the more modern name for the same family. Some other synonyms for this family are Cruciflorae and Cruciferales. This family is a diverse one that includes around 300 genera and 3,700 species of plants, ranging from herbs to shrubs. Though many species in this family are edible and used in cooking, some also have medicinal values and are used in herbal remedies.

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The Cruciferae family is one of the most important families in plant biology. It is the largest family of the plant kingdom and contains about 30,000 plant species. Cruciferae is divided into three subfamilies: the Brassicae, the Caprifoliae, and the Cruciferae.

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