What is another word for Family Varanidae?

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[ fˈamɪli vˈaɹɐnˌɪdiː], [ fˈamɪli vˈaɹɐnˌɪdiː], [ f_ˈa_m_ɪ_l_i v_ˈa_ɹ_ɐ_n_ˌɪ_d_iː]

Family Varanidae is a group of lizards that includes species commonly known as monitors, goannas, and Komodo dragons. This family is characterized by its large size and powerful jaws, making them formidable predators in their habitats. There are many synonyms for Family Varanidae, including the Varanids, Varanidae family, Varanid lizards, monitor lizards, and goannas. Some members of this family are highly valued in certain cultures for their meat and skin, while others are frequently kept as pets due to their unique appearance and behavior. Despite their popularity, many species of Varanidae are threatened or endangered due to habitat loss and overhunting.

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The Family Varanidae contains the world's smallest monkeys: the waxwings and the marmosets. These primates rank as the smallest of all living primates. Thevaranids are found mostly in South America and some parts of Central America. They are small primates that typically weigh less than 2 pounds when full grown. They are proficient tree-dwellers and have a variety of interesting behaviors. The family is known for its long tails which they use to soften their landing when jumping from tree to tree. The tails also serve as a pointer and a balance while they are swinging through the trees.

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