What is another word for fanaticism?

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Fanaticism is often referred to as extreme or excessive passion or enthusiasm for a particular belief or cause. There are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe this behavior including zealotry, extremism, radicalism, and fanatic devotion. Each of these words carries a connotation of an unwavering commitment to a specific ideology or set of beliefs, often at the expense of reason or rational thought. Other synonyms for fanaticism include obsession, fixatedness, and single-mindedness. Regardless of the word chosen, the common thread is an intense, unyielding fervor for a particular cause or belief that can sometimes veer into dangerous and destructive territory.

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    When we talk about fanaticism, it most often refers to an individuals strongly held point of view that is not based on factual evidence. This point of view can be incredibly dangerous, as it can lead to misguided actions that could end in tragedy.

    At its most benign, fanaticism can simply be a passionate, die-hard allegiance to a particular viewpoint. For example, a fan of a team or genre of music may be completely dedicated to their fandom and refuse to listen to or enjoy anything else. This level of fandom is generally harmless and can even be a source of entertainment for others.

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