What is another word for fancied?

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[ fˈansɪd], [ fˈansɪd], [ f_ˈa_n_s_ɪ_d]

Fancied is a term that implies a particular liking or desire for something or someone. It can be used to express a feeling of attraction or fondness towards a person or thing. Some of the synonyms for the word fancied include adored, admired, cherished, esteemed, appreciated, and loved. Other synonyms that can be used in the same context are preferred, desired, and wanted. These words indicate an interest or passion for something or someone that goes beyond a simple preference. Using synonyms can help to vary the language used and add interest and depth to your writing.

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    For some people, the word "fancied" carries a lot of weight. To them, it means believing something to be true or desirable, even if it has not been proven yet. This can be seen in the way some people describe situations as "fancied" victories, as if they've already won. For others, the word can be used to describe something they're looking forward to. Whether it's a day at the beach, a romantic dinner, or a new job, there's something enjoyable about thinking about it.

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