What is another word for far fetched?

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[ fˈɑː fˈɛt͡ʃt], [ fˈɑː fˈɛt‍ʃt], [ f_ˈɑː f_ˈɛ_tʃ_t]

Related words: improbable, unlikely, implausible, outlandish, impractical, unrealistic, unacceptable, out-of-reach, everlastingly, pipe dream

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    Synonyms for Far fetched:

    How to use "Far fetched" in context?

    There's a thing called "far fetched." It's a term that's used to describe something that's not plausible. For instance, if someone says that an idea is farfetched, it means that this idea is so unlikely that it doesn't make sense. In other words, it's not real.

    In some cases, farfetched ideas are actually the most plausible ones. They might seem impossible, but if you took the time to think about it, you might realize that there could be a way to make them work. Other times, farfetched ideas are only farfetched because we haven't thought of them yet.

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