What is another word for farmhouse?

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Farmhouse is a term used to describe an agricultural building that serves as a residence. There are many different synonyms for the word farmhouse, including rural dwelling, homestead, country house, cottage, rural cottage, and ranch house. Each of these synonyms describes a type of dwelling that is surrounded by, or located on, agricultural lands. A rural dwelling is typically a small to medium-sized home, built to withstand the rigors of farm life. A homestead is a larger property that includes a farmhouse, outbuildings, and sometimes a large piece of land. A country house is a larger, more sophisticated home that is often found in rural areas. A cottage is a smaller, more rustic home, often associated with a simpler way of life. A rural cottage is similar to a cottage, but is located in a rural area. Lastly, a ranch house is a type of farm-style home that is popular in the American West.

How to use "Farmhouse" in context?

Farmhouses are a type of house that is typically found in rural areas, specifically in the United States. They are typically small, single-story buildings with a brick or wood exterior and a rough-hewn interior. Farmhouses are primarily used for housing farmers, as they are easy to maintain and are usually situated near agricultural tools and equipment.

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