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Fasciolidae is a family of parasitic flatworms that infect the livers of various animals, including humans. Alternative names for this family include liver flukes, lancet liver flukes, and Fasciola hepatica. These parasites are known for causing a range of health problems, from mild digestive issues to serious liver damage. Liver flukes can be contracted by ingesting contaminated food or water, and they are most common in areas with poor sanitation and animal husbandry practices. While there are treatments available for fasciolidae infections, prevention is the best course of action. This includes washing hands and food thoroughly, avoiding consumption of raw or undercooked meat, and ensuring access to clean water sources.

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Fasciolidae is a taxonomic family of sea snake. Fasciolids are the most basal of the elasmobranchs. Species in this family range in size from the dwarf snake Constrictor constrictor, at 0.06 m long, to the goliath snake antares antares, which can exceed 2.3 m in length. All species in the family possess fasciolas, which are elongated, coiled muscles that can be as much as 20 cm in length. Fasciolars are absent in most other elasmobranchs.

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