What is another word for fat hen?

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[ fˈat hˈɛn], [ fˈat hˈɛn], [ f_ˈa_t h_ˈɛ_n]

Fat hen is a term used to describe a weedy plant known as Chenopodium album. The plant usually grows to a height of up to one meter and features green leaves that are shaped like a diamond. Fat hen is also known by several synonyms, including Lamb's-quarters, pigweed, goosefoot, and white goosefoot. The plant is a significant source of food for livestock, and its leaves are often used to make herbal medicines. In ancient times, fat hen was used as a food source by the Greeks and Romans, and also served as an essential ingredient in Polish cuisine. Despite its weed-like status, fat hen is an important plant with diverse uses.

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How to use "Fat hen" in context?

Whenever banh mi sandwiches roll into town, sometimes a humble fat hen will tag along. Referred to as a "fat hen" for its increased thickness, this type of sandwich is simply a loaf of bread filled with meat, veggies and a sauce.

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