What is another word for fault?

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Fault is a commonly used word that describes a mistake, flaw or error. There are many synonyms for the word fault, including blunder, flaw, glitch, defect, lapse, mistake, error, imperfection, shortcoming, weakness, deficiency, blemish, and failing. Each of these words highlights a different aspect of the original meaning of fault. For example, a blunder refers to a careless or foolish mistake, while a flaw refers to a defect that makes something imperfect. Similarly, a glitch refers to an unexpected error in a system or process, while a deficiency refers to something that is lacking or missing. Using different synonyms for the word fault can help to add variety and nuance to your writing.

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    There are a few definitions of fault which are often used in the legal system. Under the law of contract, for example, fault is defined as a party's breach of a contract. The law of negligence defines fault as a cause of damages which is attributable to the party who violated a duty of care.

    Under the law of torts, fault is defined as the wrongful act or omission of a party which causes injury to another. Fault can be established by a clear and convincing evidence standard. In general, the more fault that is shown, the greater the chance that the injured party will be awarded damages.

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