What is another word for fauna?

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Fauna refers to the animal life in a particular region or period. It is a term that is often used in zoology, ecology, and natural history. There are many synonyms for the word fauna, including animal kingdom, wildlife, creatures, critters, and beasts. Other common synonyms include the term fauna and wildlife, as well as fauna and flora or fauna and flora. Each of these synonyms seeks to capture the vast array of animal life that exists in nature, from the smallest insects and invertebrates to the largest predator mammals. Whatever synonym is used, the term fauna always conjures up images of the natural world and its beauty and complexity.

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    How to use "Fauna" in context?

    The world is teeming with life. In addition to the plants and animals we see everyday, there are countless other species of plants and animals that we can only imagine exist. Some of these little-known creatures are so bizarre that they challenge our definition of what qualifies as a living thing. One such creature is the fauna.

    The word "fauna" comes from the Latin word "faunus," which means "a wild or savage creature." Fauna is made up of all the different kinds of animals that live on Earth, from tiny microbes to towering dinosaurs.

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