What is another word for favoritism?

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One synonym for favoritism is "nepotism," which refers to showing preferential treatment to family members. Another synonym is "bias," which is the act of showing partiality or prejudice towards a particular person or group. "Partisanship" is another synonym that indicates showing favoritism towards a particular political party or faction. "Factionalism," on the other hand, means favoring a particular group or faction within an organization or society. Finally, "cronyism" is a synonym that refers to giving favored treatment to close friends or associates. These synonyms all describe the act of unfairly showing preference to one over others, whether based on family ties, personal connections, or other factors.

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How to use "Favoritism" in context?

When we talk about "favoritism" it's easy to think of people who are unfair in their treatment of others. In general, this is true, but there are also instances of favoritism where people do something kind for someone because they like them or think of them as a friend. This can lead to problems because it can give the person preference over others. Favoritism can also have negative effects on the person who receives the favor.

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