What is another word for fawner?

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There are multiple synonyms for the word "fawner," which refers to someone who acts obsequiously towards another person in order to gain their favor or approval. Some of these synonyms include "sycophant," "toady," "flatterer," "adulator," and "brown-noser." These words all describe someone who is overly eager to please others and will often go to great lengths to gain their approval, even if it means sacrificing their own integrity or values. While these behaviors may seem harmless, they can lead to unhealthy power dynamics and favoritism in personal and professional relationships. It is important to avoid being a fawner and instead focus on building genuine and respectful connections with others.

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How to use "Fawner" in context?

Fawning is a behaviour where an individual solicits favor, typically sexual, from another individual by flattering or Mauritian flattery, through ostentatious displays of attention. It has been observed in many species, including primates, domesticated animals and humans.

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