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Fealty is a word that has been in use since the Middle Ages to refer to the loyalty and fidelity that a vassal owes to his lord. In modern times, the word has taken on a more symbolic meaning, representing the idea of a strong and unwavering commitment to a particular cause or belief. Some synonyms for fealty include allegiance, devotion, steadfastness, faithfulness, commitment, constancy, fidelity, and loyalty. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but all share the common thread of a deeply held sense of loyalty and dedication. Whether applied to interpersonal relationships or broader social movements, fealty remains an important concept in our contemporary world.

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Fealty is a word that comes from the Old English feallan, meaning "to bind by treaty." In short, it is a commitment to faithfully obey the terms of a treaty, agreement or other relationship. This can relate to one's country, friend, family or employer. It is important to have faithfulness in all our relationships, because trust is key to a strong relationship. When we betray that trust, it can cause serious damage.

One reason it is important to have faithfulness in our relationships is because it allows us to build trust. When we trust someone, we open up to them and feel safer around them.

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