What is another word for felonious?

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[ fɛlˈə͡ʊnɪəs], [ fɛlˈə‍ʊnɪəs], [ f_ɛ_l_ˈəʊ_n_ɪ__ə_s]

Felonious, meaning criminal or illegal, has several synonyms that can be used to convey the same message in different ways. One such word is unlawful, which implies the breaking of a specific law or regulation. Another word is illicit, which suggests activities are conducted outside of the law or social norms. Criminal is another synonym, which refers to an individual who has committed an offense against the law. Similarly, the word illicit can be used synonymously with felonious, implying that the act is both illegal and morally wrong. Other synonyms for felonious include wrongful, nefarious, and illegal. All these words can be used to describe any action, behavior, or activities that are in violation of the law.

Synonyms for Felonious:

How to use "Felonious" in context?

The word "felonious" is derived from the Latin word felon, meaning one who has committed a felony. A felon can be anyone who has been convicted of a crime, including a misdemeanor or a felony.

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