What is another word for ferret?

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Ferret is a small, playful, domesticated mammal from the Mustelidae family. In the animal world, ferret's synonyms include fitchet, polecat, and weasel. The term ferret also has several non-animal synonyms such as investigate, explore, search, and unearth. Ferrets like to burrow and uncover hidden things, which is why the word ferret is commonly used to mean a person trying to find or discover something. Other synonyms for ferret in this sense include pry, delve, rummage, and scrutinize. These words are used when talking about detectives looking for a clue, journalists researching, or even a curious person trying to understand something in detail.

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How to use "Ferret" in context?

Ferrets are small members of the weasel family that are often kept as pets. The ferret is noted for its ability to climb quickly and its strong sense of smell. Ferrets are gentle creatures that have a high level of intelligence.

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