What is another word for fete?

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[ fˈe͡ɪt], [ fˈe‍ɪt], [ f_ˈeɪ_t]

Fete, also known as a festival, is a celebration of a special occasion or event. It is a party, a gathering, a fair, or even a carnival. While fete is a commonly used term, there are plenty of synonyms to describe this type of gathering. Some examples include gala, fiesta, celebration, festivity, jubilee, ceremony, and soiree. Regardless of the word used, a fete is typically a joyous and lively occasion that brings people together in revelry and merrymaking. So whether you attend a fete, celebration, or carnival, the underlying goal is to enjoy the festivities and the company of others.

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    When you think of a "fete" or celebration, a few things come to mind. Maybe you think about a day filled with food, games, and friends. Maybe you think about a day full of fun and laughter. But whatever you imagine, chances are it's just a little bit like the fete that took place at Sterling Heights High School on Saturday.

    At the fete, held in the newly renovated commons area, students and staff came together to have a day filled with fun. There was a carnival, face painting, and a bake sale, as well as games like corn hole and checkers.

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