What is another word for fibrous?

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Fibrous is an adjective used to describe objects or materials that are composed of long, thin threads or fibers. Some synonyms for fibrous include stringy, hairy, corded, filamentous, wiry, and sinewy. Stringy refers to things that are slender and have a string-like appearance, while hairy is used to describe objects that have long or coarse hair-like fibers. Corded refers to objects that have a twisted or braided appearance, while filamentous is used to describe things that are composed of delicate, thread-like fibers. Wiry and sinewy are synonyms for fibrous that describe objects or materials that are tough and strong, like a rope or muscle.

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    Fibrous materials are made up of long, thin bundles of material. These bundles can be oriented in many different ways, which allows fibrous materials to have a lot of different physical properties. For example, fibrous materials can be strong yet flexible, or they can be thin but tough. Fibrous materials are also often associated with natural fibers, such as cotton and wool.

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