What is another word for filch?

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Filch is an interesting word that means to steal, especially something small or of little value. There are several synonyms for the word filch that you can use to add variety to your writing. Some of the related words include pocket, purloin, snatch, pilfer, swipe, thieve, and sneak. Each of these words adds its own twist to the idea of stealing, but they all convey the same core meaning. For example, pocket or purse implies theft from a person, while swipe has a more modern and casual connotation. These different synonyms for filch provide writers with a range of choices when putting their thoughts on paper.

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    How to use "Filch" in context?

    Filch is the act of stealing something belonging to another person, whether or not the individual has been consciously observed to have their property trespassed upon. The word, from the French word filcher, is derived from the Latin word pilus, meaning a bramble or hedgehog, in reference to the typical theft method of pick-pocketing.

    The most common victim of filching is undoubtedly the individual who has their pocket picked. However, the act of filching can also occur against anyone whose property is tampered with in a way that makes it vulnerable to theft.

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