What is another word for finback whale?

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[ fˈɪnbak wˈe͡ɪl], [ fˈɪnbak wˈe‍ɪl], [ f_ˈɪ_n_b_a_k w_ˈeɪ_l]

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    Finback whales are one of the most endangered species of whales on Earth. There are only an estimated 25,000 to 50,000 finback whales left in the world. They are found off the coasts of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

    The finback whale is a large and powerful animal. They can grow to be over 90 feet long and weigh over 150,000 pounds. They have a very elongated body with a sleek, dorsal fin on the back. They have a dark gray or black skin and a white chin. They have a long, mellow voice and are known for their playful behavior.

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