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"First-born" refers to the eldest child born to parents. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to refer to this special family member. Some commonly used words include "eldest," "primary," and "initial." "Senior" is also a suitable synonym, as it implies a sense of superiority and respect that is accorded to the eldest child. Other potential alternatives include "patriarch", "matriarch," "head of the family," and "dean." Regardless of the word used, the first-born child often plays a significant role in the family dynamic, acting as a role model for younger siblings and serving as a source of pride and joy for their parents.

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There is an unquestionable mystique around first-borns. Born first, they are the winners of life's lottery. Lucky babies? Sure. Chosen ones? Quite possibly. And with good reason. As first-borns, they have a head start on life, both physically and emotionally. Presumably, first-borns are bestowed with special gifts, talents, and privileges. Some speculate that being the first-born is a sign that you're destined for great things. But before you pat yourself on the back, bear in mind that not every first-born is blessed with these privileges.

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