What is another word for fishing rig?

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Fishing rig is a common term used by anglers to describe their fishing equipment setup. However, there are many different variations of rigs used for different fishing styles and fish species. For example, a Texas rig is commonly used for bass fishing, while a Carolina rig works well for catching catfish. Other popular fishing rigs include the drop shot rig, the jigging rig, and the spinner rig. Each rig is designed to present the bait or lure in a specific way to entice fish to bite. It's important for anglers to understand the different types of fishing rigs and when to use them to help improve their fishing success.

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    A fishing rig is any type of fishing gear used to catch fish. In general, there are three main types of fishing rigs: live bait rigs, soft bait rigs, and fly fishing rigs.

    A live bait rig is typically used to catch fish using live bait. This rig typically consists of a hook, a bait sac, and a fisherman. The bait sac can hold a variety of baits, such as worms, minnows, or pig bugs. The hook is typically attached to the bait sac, and the fisherman holds the rig above the water.

    A soft bait rig is typically used to catch fish using soft baits.

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