What is another word for fishworm?

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[ fˈɪʃwɜːm], [ fˈɪʃwɜːm], [ f_ˈɪ_ʃ_w_ɜː_m]

Synonyms for Fishworm:

How to use "Fishworm" in context?

Fishworms are invertebrates that resemble small water snakes and can grow to be up to 25 cm long. They are found around the world in freshwater, marine and brackish environments, feeding on decaying organic material.

Fishworms are interesting creatures, and their intriguing lifecycle makes them a favorite of researchers. They are hermaphrodites, and during development they undergo a process called meiosis, in which they split in two. One half of the fishworm becomes a male and the other becomes a female. After fertilization, the embryos develop into planarian embryos, which eventually become fishworms.

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