What is another word for flabbily?

33 synonyms found


[ flˈabɪlɪ], [ flˈabɪlɪ], [ f_l_ˈa_b_ɪ_l_ɪ]

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Synonyms for Flabbily:

How to use "Flabbily" in context?

People continuously describe each other as "flabbily" without realizing that the word actually has a negative connotation. If you're a person that is easily shaken, then you're probably flabbily. This word implies that you're soft and not able to handle life's challenges. It's a word that people use to describe someone who is weak and not dependable. If you're easily flabbily in any aspect of your life, it might be beneficial to reevaluate your approach. Nobody wants to be described as flabbily, but it's an apt description for someone that is easily frustrated and falls apart.

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