What is another word for flamemails?

7 synonyms found


[ flˈe͡ɪmme͡ɪlz], [ flˈe‍ɪmme‍ɪlz], [ f_l_ˈeɪ_m_m_eɪ_l_z]

The term "flamemails" refers to hurtful and abusive emails that are intended to insult or harm the recipient. While there is no single synonym for this term, there are numerous words and phrases that can convey a similar meaning. Some possible synonyms for "flamemails" might include hate mail, abusive emails, vitriolic messages, angry missives, hurtful correspondence, or toxic emails. Regardless of the specific term used, it is important to remember that sending abusive or hurtful messages is never acceptable and can lead to serious emotional harm for the recipient.

How to use "Flamemails" in context?

Flamemails are those phishing emails that try to dup you into thinking that you are dealing with a legitimate company or person. These emails usually ask for your personal information, like your bank account login and password, or for your contact information, like your company's address or phone number.

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