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A flange is a protruding rim or collar on a pipe or machine part that is used for fastening or connecting one part to another. Some synonyms for the word 'flange' include rim, collar, projection, lip, edge, border, and cuff. The word 'rim' refers to the circular outer edge of a pipe or machine part, while 'border' implies a decorative or finishing element. 'Lip' and 'cuff' are used in reference to a projecting edge on a sleeve or pipe, while 'projection' denotes a part that extends beyond its main body. Irrespective of the word used, flanges are essential components in engineering and manufacturing that help to join different parts of a structure or machine together.

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In the manufacturing and construction industries, a flange is a type of joint or fitting. It is a flared lip or collar often used to join two pieces of metal, plastic or other materials. Flanges are also used to provide a seal between surfaces and are often used in plumbing and oil and gas industries.

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