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Fleabane is a term typically used to describe a group of plants from the daisy family that are known for their pest-repelling properties. Other common synonyms for fleabane include buttons, helenium, horseweed, and bitterweed. These plants are often used in natural remedies for various ailments, including colds, indigestion, and headaches. Some species of fleabane are also used in cooking and herbal teas for their distinctive flavor and aroma. Fleabane has many medicinal properties and is a versatile plant that has been used by many cultures throughout history. Its ability to repel fleas and other pests has made it a popular choice for use in gardens and homes alike.

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Fleabane (Aristoliads linearis) is a wildflower in the Aristoliadae family that is found primarily in the eastern United States. It is an annual herb with broad, lobed leaves and small, white flowers. Fleabane is very high in THC, making it an attractive choice for recreational cannabis users. It has successfully been used as a natural herb medicine for centuries.

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