What is another word for flue pipe?

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A flue pipe is a pipe that is installed in a chimney to help exhaust smoke and harmful gases from a fireplace or furnace. Flue pipes come in many sizes and materials, but sometimes we need a synonym to describe them in a different way. Some common synonyms for flue pipe include chimney pipe, smokepipe, vent pipe, exhaust pipe, and stovepipe. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe any pipe that is used to vent harmful gases from a building. Whether you are a builder, installer, or home owner, understanding these synonyms will help you choose the right flue pipe for your needs.

Synonyms for Flue pipe:

How to use "Flue pipe" in context?

Flue pipe is a tube that is made of metal, plastic, or other materials, that carries air and heat away from the furnace, stove, or oven. It is inserted through the roof of a building, down a chimney, and out into the atmosphere. The flue pipe carries air from the furnace, stove, or oven to the outside. The heat from the furnace, stove, or oven is transferred to the air, and is carried away. A flue pipe can also be used to control the temperature in a room.

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