What is another word for for then?

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[ fɔː ðˈɛn], [ fɔː ðˈɛn], [ f_ɔː ð_ˈɛ_n]

The phrase "for then" serves as a transitional phrase used to connect ideas in a text. It is an important tool in improving the flow of writing. There are various synonyms for the phrase "for then" that can be used as alternatives. These include "therefore," "as a result," "consequently," "thus," and "accordingly." Each of these phrases helps to show the reader a relationship between two or more ideas and how one idea influenced another. It is important to mix up transitional phrases in writing to avoid repetitiveness and improve readability. The use of synonyms for "for then" can help a writer create a more engaging and compelling text.

How to use "For then" in context?

The meaning of "for then" is "in accordance with what has already happened; in advance of what is to happen" and is used in conditional clauses.

For then means "if...then." For example, "If John donates money to the charity, he will receive a tax deduction for then." This is a conditional sentence and uses the word "then" to show what will happen if the condition is met.

If John donates money to the charity, he will receive a tax deduction.

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