What is another word for fore-boding?

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Foreboding refers to the feeling of impending doom or ill fortune. Some synonyms for foreboding include premonition, apprehension, portent, omen, warning, prediction, harbinger, and sign. A premonition is a feeling or perception of something that is going to happen. Apprehension refers to the feeling of anxiety or fear that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen. A portent is a sign or warning of something coming, often indicating a major event or change. An omen is a sign indicating good or bad fortune. A warning is an alert to possible danger or harm. Prediction refers to the act of foreseeing something. A harbinger is a person or thing that signals the approach of another. Lastly, a sign is an indication of something that may occur in the future.

Synonyms for Fore-boding:

How to use "Fore-boding" in context?

In the dictionary, fore-boding is defined as the sense that a bad event or situation is impending or will happen. In our everyday lives, fore-boding can manifest itself in a variety of ways - sometimes we can just feel things aren't right, and other times we might have actual pre-monetary or physical signs that something is about to go down. Whether we're sensing the impending doom of a natural disaster or the dark days ahead of us as a society, there's something compelling and unsettling about the sensation of fore-boding.

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