What is another word for formalization?

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Formalization is the process of bringing structure and standardization to something. There are many synonyms for formalization, each with a slightly different connotation. One synonym is standardization, which implies creating a single set of rules or processes for everyone to follow. Another is codification, which implies turning something into a set of written rules or laws. Regulation is a synonym that suggests a formalized system of rules enforced by an external authority. Formalism suggests an emphasis on adherence to rules and procedures rather than creativity or flexibility. Finally, institutionalization suggests the process of turning something into an established, permanent part of an organization or system.

How to use "Formalization" in context?

Formalization is the process of making something less simple and less informal in order to make it more formal. It is often done in order to make something more standardized, to make it less confused, or to make it more organized. Formalization can also be done in order to make a thing more orthodox, more fitting, more correct, or more correct in relation to a certain rule.

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