What is another word for forswear?

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[ fɔːswˈe͡ə], [ fɔːswˈe‍ə], [ f_ɔː_s_w_ˈeə]

Forswear is a verb that means to renounce or give up something, often making a promise to do so. There are several synonyms for the word, including repudiate, disavow, renounce, recant, and deny. Repudiate is typically used in a legal context, meaning to reject or refuse to accept responsibility for something. Disavow is similar to forsake, indicating a refusal to acknowledge or identify with something. Renounce is often used in religious or philosophical contexts, indicating a decision to turn away from something considered wrong or inappropriate. Recant involves retracting a statement or opinion previously made, while deny simply means to declare something untrue or false.

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Semantic related keyword: swear

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