What is another word for fortune cookie?

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[ fˈɔːt͡ʃuːn kˈʊki], [ fˈɔːt‍ʃuːn kˈʊki], [ f_ˈɔː_tʃ_uː_n k_ˈʊ_k_i]

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Synonyms for Fortune cookie:

How to use "Fortune cookie" in context?

Fortunetelling is a centuries-old tradition in many cultures. The concept behind a fortune cookie is that a cookie with written fortune will bring good luck on its possessor. Fortune cookie fortunes have been written in Chinese, Japanese, English, and other languages.

The fortunes are often short, with SIMPLE sayings that offer encouragement. Common proverbs include "If it's not broken, don't fix it" and "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Fortunetelling is an ancient practice that is still popular today. Fortune cookies are a great way to share your fortune with a friend or family member.

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